God Time at Bluestone

This is an optional lunch time programme sharing God’s love with kids at Bluestone School.
This is run by a team of volunteers from Timaru churches.

24/7 Youth Work in Mountainview High School

Along with the combined Timaru churches we help fund youth worker, Jeremy Bowman. This is an incredible opportunity to come alongside students in a non-threatening support role. 


The Waters Family

Dave, Pushpa, Hannah and Abigail live and work in Hanoi, Vietnam. Pushpa works at an international school and Dave teaches English classes. They are involved in supporting some of the leper centres.

Shine Village in Malawi

The Shine Village is in a Muslim community in what is considered to be an unreached people group. Connect Church supports Pastor Lino and his family who have come to establish a church in the village, and will also act as the first house parents in a children’s home in the village.