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Connect Kids

Tiny Treasures / Ages 0-2 unsupervised with
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Puddle Jumpers / Ages 2-4
Connect Kids / School year 1-6
Fusion / School year 7-8


Pre-Service / 9:45am at MVHS Music Room

Pre-Service / 10am at MVHS Auditorium


Week Days

Fusion / School year 7-8 / Tuesday fortnightly / 4pm at HQ /
Rebekah Chapman

Connect Youth / School year 9-13 / Friday / 7pm at HQ /
Rob Bradley
Find out what's happening at Youth this week here

Connect Young Adults / Ages 18-25 / Tuesday fortnightly / 7pm at HQ / Matt Donaldson
Find out what's happening at Young Adults here.

Connect Worship / Thursday weekly / 7pm at HQ /
Jamie Chapman

Empower Prayer & Worship / 2nd Monday monthly / 6:30pm at HQ / Michelle Coe


We run several different Connect Groups, and we would love for you to be a part of one! 


To find out what's happening at church this week, check out our Facebook page.